I sat and stared.
I stood. Transfixed.

As he spoke, his words hit me like electric shocks.
I could see how his enthusiasm made him stumble over words.
His dance-steps depicted his passion.

I wanted this.
I would exchange all the aloofness in the world
For a pint of his zeal.

Anyone observing me would have seen my longing
Alas, I coveted this fervor
This fire
That I saw in this electric young man.

How I Became A Character In My Favourite Novel…

how i.jpg


‘Where is it o?!’ The door burst open.

‘Where is my copy?’ my boss demanded. Oh, Lawd. I hadn’t finished it yet.

‘Erm, it isn’t ready yet, Emma’, I muttered. It’s an ad agency, so almost everyone is called by their first names. ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ was overrated here.

Emma stormed out dramatically and banged the door behind him. In a split second, he was back.

‘Jesus! Jeeeesus! Why? Why can’t you just get things done on time, Demilade? Why?’    

He paced the room at 5 steps per second. My heart rate was through the roof now. I knew how emotive Emma could be.

‘Christ! You people ehn! Demilade, I better have that copy by 7:45’. I looked at the time on my phone. 7:20.

‘Okay E…’. The door slammed shut. Typical day in an ad agency. Sheesh!


N.B: My life, as of now, is summed up in this dialogue and I’m loving it! Do you think my life is like a scene from a novel? Or movie? Tell me below in the comment box.



I’m stirred from within

Those dusty and shoved-down emotions
Are being stirred.

I didn’t ask for it.
I really didn’t.
ButI’m afire
Afire with love.

It’s definitely love, right?
Or maybe its just mere feelings.
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Their Deportation: What it Would Mean For You.



Their loss. Their kettle of fish. Their lot.

Probably what the average Nigerian thinks about the possible deportation of Nigerians from the U.S.

I thought like that too, until two days back. I was watching the 10 o’clock news on Channels and was already giggling at the interviews of Nigerians in diaspora.

Jeez. I could feel my mood deflate like a bad tyre. I actually do have family over there that will be affected by this.

This is what it means for you and I. You might not be directly affected, so you go ahead to make ‘funny’ jokes on Twitter, even goring people’s oxen in the process…oh, well.
But you are affected:

Remember your sister over there who is pursuing a nursing program, and your big brother who finally just got his visa after 6 years (remember your testimony in church) and travelled  there for better business opportunities.

Or remember your single mum who has been shuttling between U.S and Nigeria making ends meet for you and your siblings?

So, go ahead and laugh. No longer funny, is it?
MLKJ (Martin Luther King Jnr) once said something which I think is apt for this situation: ‘Injustice somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ I agree.

So, stand against it or sit and laugh, you’re soooo affected.


That’s what they’ll start to tell you now that things seem to be going haywire.

Now that the ungodly seem to be taking the reins of power and the economy is doing a belly flop. They’ll say it over and over again. Two things might happen then:
1. You’ll get defensive and mouth off, scripturally. Hint: Vain arguments
2. You’ll realize that Psalm 82 is already in play and that God will not come down again to do what He’s already empowers you to do! (Phew!)

So, expect it. And buckle up (with the belt of truth 😉 Eph. 6:14a). The truth is: You ain’t ordinary. You aren’t. The earth has been given to you if you’re a believer. Take charge!

Don’t break your ranks. Stay where He’s called you to (Politics, Film industry, Modeling…) and dominate it. For Him.

Your God’s asleep. Guess you know what to do now. 😊


Unbridled passion,
That’s how it first felt when the idea first came.

Parents pressurizing,
Mates mocking,
Society sighing,
But there’s still a burning in my heart.

I need motivation,
I need acceptance,
I need affirmation,
I need….!
The fire seems like smoke now.

But you are your own hero,
Not you,
But He inside you

Don’t look too far,
Work with others,
But look inward first
That way you’ll never go wrong
Or be swayed by the wrong opinion.
Re-ignite. Re-fuel. Look inward.


Feelings are good,
Feelings are nice
They remind us that we’re alive,
That we’re not like dry sticks of wood.

But feelings cannot always be trusted
For they flunctuate
Up, today,
Down, tomorrow.

But feelings are strong,
So strong
That they could make you feel like exploding.

I don’t want to be led primarily by what I feel.
Or I might regret it.
It’s won’t be easy controlling them (even for me)
But I know in the end
It will be worth it.