C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_road-007.jpgThe Road can be your friend,
When smooth and tarred
Easy to sight see from,
Allowing you snap non-blurry pictures
For your blog.

On The Road,
The hawkers are just within your reach
It seems like Eldorado
Paved with golden boli*

But when The Road is your enemy,
I wouldn’t wish such for my worst enemy.
It is untarred and jagged
With the accompanying ‘go-slow*’

As it bounces you up and down
You realize you have to ‘go’
But The Road has no toilet for miles.
This is when you know that it has become your enemy.

*boli is roasted plantain usually sold as street food


Meaning, “What will be will be,”
That’s what some of us were told as children,
By well-meaning parents,
Who had already accepted the status quo.

As we come into Christ,
We realize we’ve been lied to,
We can create our own worlds
We can make things we want to be,
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Have You Met the Supernaturals?

They are a departure from the superhero norm
They wear no capes or masks
They act as sidekicks
Giving all the fame to One they called
‘The Only Superhero’.

Compassion goes before them
And love leaves a trail after them
Humility is the order of the day with them
Who ever heard of Superman turning down some free publicity?

They may not seem like much on the peripheral,
But even a blind man can tell that they’re SUPERNATURAL,
For even the blind are sure to leave their midst, seeing.

Based on the Nigerian Corpers Christian Fellowship (NCCF, Imo Chapter).

I Identify.

I identify with Terra Kulture, a successful culture and tourism organization that leverages on what others have pushed to the background: Nigerian culture.

I identify with Dangote Industries, who have done the seemingly impossible from the ‘dark continent’ and have just refused to be complacent regardless of their achievements.

I identify with Wole Soyinka, who speaks and keeps on speaking because as MLKJ once said: ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’

I identify with Covenant University. A departure from the unproductive norm. An example of what we all can be if we just change our core values, from wrong to right.

I identify with the BBOG. For once, in modern Nigeria, we see role models of persistence and perseverance. Hang in there guys.

I identify with the hopeful Nigerian, who doesn’t just hope but works to see that hope manifest.
Who do you identify with?

Happy 55th birthday Naija.

7 days at the C.I.T.Y of Hope

7 days. I volunteered at CITY camp for 7 days. It wasn’t a decision made in haste. I had come across the HOPE charity foundation three times already, but I still wasn’t sure what God wanted me to do with the opportunity.

After much back and forth with God, I saw the beaten path He was trying to guide me through. Oh I saw it.
At C.I.T.Y camp, I met people like me; people who wanted to give back to society, people who wanted to pour what had been poured into them, into others.

I met Sunkanmi, who made me laugh till my belly ached. I saw people like Okon-Simon Martha and Emmanuel Ogbebor who took no nonsense, then, those like Leye and Adeola Adedokun, who made following fun.
I met Ohis, who took his time -keeper role and made it his own, Jedidah and Ebire Seyi, two ladies who were both spunky and sweet. Joshua Ojoduwene, whose name and wealth of experience humbled me (😊). I learnt from you, Duwene, that I should probably take the time to read a “book” instead of judging it by its cover.

I met Leo. Leo was probably God’s way of showing me that there was much more to life than I knew. Passionate, radical and committed. That was Leo.

Then, Shadrach, my sparring partner. I saw him transform over 10 awkward teenagers into bold, screaming ‘Garnetians’ (Picture radical Arsenal fans), in the space of ten days. He practically poured his confidence into them. Kudos.

Busola, Bayo and Ibukun, you guys were the legs of the team. Not only did you get the running around done, you took responsibility for your assignments. God bless you.

Ajoke. My secondary school mate. You came about two days to the end of camp but still, we had mad fun. Cooking that humongous pot of indomie together must have strengthened our bond… 😁

Emmanuel Agunze. I think I remember you from sometime back, I’m not so sure. However, it will be hard to forget you after all your ‘that’s how we roll’ remixes on the last day of camp.

Fortress and Soji, my camp evangelism partners. I hope never to forget how we tried to ‘win souls’ for the summer camp and how much fun we had. You guys are great.

Olaitan, Moses and Dta (Daniel),you guys were my ‘cheer up-pers’. Always having a kind word, a wide smile, a ‘well-done’ or a funny joke, you guys made me smile. Thank you.

Rachel, Esther, Isioma, Miracle, Marcus(unbelievably Yoruba), Bisola, Regina, Olamide, I can’t forget you guys. The free rides, the movie-watching, the joking around and late night memories make it impossible to forget.

I love you guys. Yes. Love.
#CITYcamp ’15 #OtaCity