We Writers = Social Observers?

We are not just pen wielders. Our pens wield opinions. Opinions that can make or break society.

We are the voice of the unheard, the extension of the suppressed.

A true writer should be able to observe society’s misnorms and translate it into written content. Hence, this piece:



This is not we asked for
Asked for
But you damn it.

Them mosquitoes
They leech us
Leech us
We’ve had it.

But the opposition
Will feed us
Feed us
We believe it?

This writer has had it!

*Based on the deplorable living conditions of Bariga in Lagos, Nigeria. Feel free to share with any Lagos State government official you know (Maybe even the governor himself)

Bus Tales. Part 2.



‘I go punch that conductor o, make we just come down for our bus stop.’

Muttered breaths. Alcoholic threats.
Uttered from the backseat of the bus.

The conductor had no respect, they ranted in liquor speech,
Throughout the whole journey.

Wrong bus. Wrong bus. I cried inwardly

The Second Most Important Day of 2017

Happy New Year in arrears, lovely readers! 

Sorry this is coming late, a few unforseen circumstances and all the pomp (New word!) of yesterday are to blame for the lack of a new year post. I apologize. *bows like a magician*

Today is the second most important day for YOU this new year.

Why? This is why: It’s another day for you to make a brand new start. Agreed, a new year shouldn’t be the only time you start to make new plans and resolutions. But if we’re being honest, it helps us set realistic and measurable goals (like in the S.M.A.R.T method) that can be evaluated by the monthly markings, whether bimonthly,  quarterly or even weekly!

I also realised why a few of us never get to setting those necessary goals that guide our actions throughout the year….                   

We are too busy looking at how much progress others have made. 

And you know the problem with focusing on other people’s big achievements? You unconsciously begin to put less effort into those little action steps YOU should be taking! When you magnify others’ ‘finished products’ instead of learning from them, you begin to look down on the value of your ‘raw material’. It shouldn’t be.

 Instead, choose to be inspired by other people’s successes but above all, make sure to  focus on ‘paddling your own canoe’. 

Please share with me how you are planning to ‘paddle your canoe’ this 2017 🙂