What Women Want (Erm, I Meant Readers).

I remember this old movie I watched a while back – What Women Want -where Mel Gibson, by a freak accident, gains the ability to read women’s minds. (If only it were possible, guys…If only.)

At first, this “gift” provides Nick with way too much information, but he begins to realize that he can use it to good effect, especially when it comes to outwitting his new boss who is a woman.

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When Poetry Doesn’t Pay The Rent.

Hi guys! Its a Friday!

Know what this means? You have more fodder for writing today….

People act more extravagantly today than the other days of the week, only God knows why ( I lie. I know why. I have a 9-5 job 😊). Kidding o!

Scurrying through my Reader, that tab in WordPress that allows you find awesome posts, I searched out the Copyblogger blog, one of the most insightful sites I’ve seen for content writing, copy writing, etc.

So, here is an article from them you should read today.

But first, an excerpt:

‘…paying the rent meant giving up on my creative aspirations and selling myself out for corporate drudgery. Turns out, I was doing writing wrong.

And if you’re a feast-or-famine freelance writer who spends more time submitting pitches to publishers than writing, you could be doing writing wrong, too.

You shouldn’t have to suffer or scrape by to do what you love…’

Sounds interesting, yeah? Continue reading the article here.