New. Nouveau.

I have, for a while, been putting off writing a new post, simply because i felt had nothing tangible to write about. However, throughout the day, my mind is like a carnival, with new ideas popping here and there, so here i am putting my brain, hands, laptop, MB, to work. New post:

Trying new things is always everyone’s goal (unless you absolutely hate change). It is the whole point of a bucket list, the reason why there are regrets on a death bed,etc. There are a couple of new things i have had to try this month alone. I would have put them in a list, but that seems a pit impersonal to me, so I’ll share them in short sentences.

I’ve had to open up myself to deeper relationships. Before now, i was content to slink into my personal space; reading a book, meditating, learning, or just doing something ‘personal’. But then i took a step back and realized that i had become a pro at casual friendships. No secrets, no Read More

Death’s been Trumped.

To die is something we were brought up to fear.

It was the inevitable, yet the ‘unbroachable’.

I do not fear death.

It has no power over me.

I used to imagine horrible scenarios

How would death happen?

Rapture movies did not help

I didn’t want to be tortured to death

I developed a fear of death.

I didn’t want to die, not because it would end my wonderful life here

But because I wasn’t sure what would befall me thereafter.

Refusing to think about it doesn’t help

Active preparation does.

There were people who weren’t scared

I couldn’t believe it.

How were they so confident?


Death is a leveler, someone once said.

Rich, poor, light-skinned, chocolatey,

Baby, newlywed, aged… It isn’t partial.

What changed?

I did, my beliefs did, my mindset did.

God changed me.

From someone who had a deathly fear of death

I found myself staring down at it.


Not really.

I had to put my faith in something someone bigger than death

He even has the keys to death.

He bled to take away this unhealthy fear


Well, perfect love casts out fear.

The fear couldn’t stay if love would.

I am free. You?