God is an Artist, I believe.

I once imagined what His colour palette looks like;

Vibrant blues

Fiery reds                                                                                                     red

Earthy browns

Colours that give life, LITERALLY.


Sit down – or rather stand outside, and observe the sun set,

It’s evidence that He loves colour

Red and yellow, mixed in ways you couldn’t even imagine…

Consider the vegetable Leaves…Yes, vegetable leaves.

Ever noticed that when vegetable leaves wilt, they turn yellow?

That is just like His personality, bringing beauty out of something as bad as death.



Colour’s not His only instrument

With His very own pencil, He creates the lines on the barks of deciduous trees


How great is our God!

However, He used the best on His prime creation

God used a special hue for me, same as you

I therefore refuse to change the colour of my skin

He has the artistic license, wouldn’t you agree?


‘The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork’