How Flexible is Your Writing Style?

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In my years of young experience in writing content for individual client, I have learnt one thing – FLEXIBILITY.

So, picture this scenario. Writer A writes poems a lot. He shares these poems on Instagram and has a following; lots of people are wowed by his poetic skill.

So, an individual approaches Writer A and asks if he can produce content for an animation video script. Writer A rejects the offfer. He is a poet, he says.

Meanwhile, Writer B who is also a poet is approached by the same brand. Writer B accepts the offer and goes on to research about he can tweak his already-present writing skill to suit the animation script.

Writer B is flexible. And that is the stuff great content writers are made of.

There is no content that you cannot write if you have the basic writing skills down pat, and are willing to research.

No Content.

Now, how to be a flexible writer…

Explore new interests

Even if you are the slightest interested in something you wrote keep practicing it until you get better. Passion plays a big role and how we develop our skills.

I, for one, once tried my hand at fiction writing (yay!) with this re-told Bible story here.

Yes, I did have to stretch myself and go beyond my comfort zone of the usual poem and straightforward content, and I sure was happy to have completed it. I even sent it in as a submission for the Farafina Creative Writing workshop, but that’s another story for another day (LOL. Like, who sends in a bible story?).

If  when you try, you see that you’re not that good at that form of writing, that isn’t a sign to give up (just yet). Keep working at it and soon, you’ll become a writer of many trades.

Take on new challenges/ varying opportunities
You don’t want to be a stiff writer who only sticks to one thing and masters that one talent.

Challenge yourself to make your writing better by engaging in writing exercises (on the internet and offline too). Find new ways via Google to get your creative juices flowing and test your writing skills. Don’t just stick to one aspect of writing that you’re good at but explore more and become good at those too.

Use writing prompts

A writing prompt is a brief passage of text that provides a potential topic idea or starting point for an original essay, report, journal entry, story, poem, or other form of writing. Photographs and works of art can also serve as writing prompts.

The aim of a writer prompt is to stir up an initial idea in the writer’s head and which then allows him or her tell the rest of the story or essay on his or her own. An example:

Imagine you have just one day left to live. Write a 300-word good-bye letter to your best friend. 

See? A writing prompt opens up your mind to possibilities with interesting or intriguing topic ideas.

Wondering how to find writing prompts?
Just Google it up. Select great ones, and…write!


Becoming A Flexible Writer by Shaquanda Dalton.



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I, for one, plan to take on more coacheea for my writing trainings. No more excuses, I have told myself.  (If you want to up your writing game by taking some of my writing courses, say ‘Aye’ in the comments so we can talk!  😊)

Thinking of those ‘Write’ goals yet? 😏

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