How To Write Engaging Social Media Posts Your Target Audience Can’t Scroll Past

You are tired of being scrolled over.

You put up a post and ten hours later,  it’s still struggling for likes,  comments and all-round engagement πŸ˜‘

I’ve been there. That’s why I put this post together for you. Take advantage of it.

Your posts can be better received,  but here are 6 things you must incorporate first.


Have you underestimated the power of a great picture up until now?  NO MORE!

Good pictures are one way to get people interested in your posts, consistently.

Your social media page needs great images to attract people to it. And this

Subconsciously, for a while I myself had always known this, however, when I started being deliberate about this,  you should have seen the results I got!

My regular number of likes and comments tripled. Even though a number of them were compliments on how awesome I looked,  this sort of engagement by a number of people influences the social media platform to show your post to others outside your usual circle.

So,  when you see Twitter showing you highlighted tweets and Instagram puts a post on the Explore feed,  know that it’s more than average engagement that brought it there. 😊

Compliments are welcome. πŸ˜‚ Martha Agbakosi shot this. 

To get high-def images, use an iPhone or a great professional camera to get the shots you need. Or you can viait sites such as or to get royalty-free images (i.e. they won’t sue you if you use them πŸ˜‚).

You can also use images already created by other people and give due image credits. Please remember this!

Don’t let drab images be the reason your audience don’t engage today!



No, don’t introduce yourself first of all. Attract us.

An attractive headline is the second thing your audience will see after a great image.

Are you giving your beat to your headlines or the first two lines of your posts?  Or are they just written with ‘regular’, social media-speak. This is exactly why people scroll over.  You get?

What makes you stop when you are scrolling through YOUR own feed? Think on that,  that’s when you’ll start producing good headlines.

The advertising sector is big on headlines. A major pioneer in that field,  Ogilvy Mather once said:

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

He also said that whenever he was crafting an ad, he would spend about 85% of the time crafting the headlines!

The rest of his time would then be put into the other factors or body of the ad.

Your headlines are super important.

Don’t hide your golden offerings in a wooden box. Polish up the packaging – that is your headline!


No,  we’re not the patient dog. Don’t give us the fattest bone.

Give us the juice. Cut out the senrenre and give us value after value in your posts.

This does not mean it has to be always-long posts,  all the time (even though in my observation, rich posts are usually long 😊).

Say,  for example,  you are run a FOREX trading firm or you are a hair business mogul,  pleaseeee share related tips and tricks with us.

Take your knowledge,  split into content categories and share with us periodically.

That way,  we know you’re an expert!  An authority. That way we trust and love your brand or business even more.

Being salesy would be telling us to buy when you hardly give us valuable information we can use in our lifetime. πŸ˜ͺ
Yes,  business owner,  catch your sub. I’m talking to you. You can do more than just operations for that business.

Take the social media wheel!

THIS GIST IS TOO LONG,  there will be a Part 2 of this blogpost – to be released next Wednesday.



In case you don’t know me,  my name is Demilade and teaching people the rudiments of  #socialmedia is my mission.

I love to see people I teach make awesome impact for their businesses and personal brands through their social media platforms.

Do subscribe to this blog if you want this for yourself too! 😊


  1. Mariam · Jun 27, 2018


    • demilhadey · Jun 28, 2018

      Thanks Mariam. I hope you learnt new things to implement?

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