My name is Demilade Olafisoye, and I am committed to helping growing content writers be the best they can be.

On this blog, I share tips, tricks and opportunities for young content writers that, if taken advantage of, will help you become that writer you wish to be.

You can reach me at demilhadey@gmail.com or 08037442973

Twitter: Miz_deymie

Facebook: Demi Olafisoye

Instagram: Deymz_


  1. Norah Anih · Mar 21, 2014

    awwww….dis is nice Demi….keep it up

  2. Elouise · Jan 19, 2015

    I see you’re following my blog. That’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing, too.

  3. EGK · Mar 24, 2015

    I love that you are writing about Moses and Zipporah. I’m become fascinated with her – don’t think there has been enough written about her. She left for Egypt with him – yeah, after he says he’s a stranger in a strange land, he makes her leave all the things that make her comfortable. But she did not go into Egypt with him. On their journey, she saves his life when God tries to kill Moses (really!), but the next time we hear about her is when her father meets Moses after the Exodus and brings “your wife and sons who you send home.” Did he send them home to protect them or because she is an outsider?? Moses doesn’t even greet Z! He only greets her father. Lots to think about here…

    • demilhadey · Mar 24, 2015

      Oh my! I guess i need to brush up on my bible knowledge. She actually didnt follow Him to Egypt. I think it had to do with the fact that she was a foreigner, one of those God had said the Israelites shouldnt marry. I mean, she had to circumcise her son to please God. I think its something along those lines. Thanks for your comment.
      And also, i think it also had to do with Moses’ temparament. I dont view him, from what i’ve studied, as a person who was so open to people or a shower of emotion. Maybe that;s why he doesnt greet her, or maybe it wasnt recorded. Your comment makes me think! 🙂

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