Do You Have Any Idea You Are Getting De-Sensitized? Not Sanitized. De-Sensitized.


Just today, I read a news post about how a black migrant drowned in Venice as two white by-standers made mocking comments because they felt it was funny.

They found it funny.

Racism aside, do you know what this reminded me of? Twitter. Social Media.

I cannot count how many different events many of us have ignorantly made light of on Twitter. How many ‘black migrants’ have we allowed to drown simply because it was ‘funny’? And really, I’m really speaking to Twitter users here.

How many serious events like rape, promiscuity and death have we downplayed simply to be in the ‘in’ online crowd? This has to stop. Really.

Step back into real life. People are more than a bird emoticon in your followers list! They have feelings, dreams and regrets – which should not be mocked.

Permit me to turn ‘prophetic’ here. There is a culture I see encroaching into our social media savannahs. One where people are desensitized. Detached. Sterile from emotions. Other people’s dreams become doormats for them to step on and their regrets – well, other people’s regrets become leverage for blackmail and ‘social shaming’. Deaths get a cursory glance from them….. And well, need I go on?

Even I am guilty. I gloss over pictures of dead bodies daily and …unconsciously, I decide it’s none of my business. I don’t see a reason why I need to protest or stand for another person’s rights.

I am getting DESENSITIZED! I know now….

The question is, Do you? Are you also getting desensitized? Take a minute to think about it and tell me what you think in the comment box below.

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For Jesse. A dear friend.

Jessie. We all call it differently.

But we all agree on this one thing
That you light up a room
With your pure, 100-watt smile.

Even when its not a fun fair,
You smile through it all.
Keeping your gaze on the One who holds us all. Eternally. 😁

I celebrate you.
Not necessarily because of the long years
But because your years will be used to show Him.
Him and Him alone.
Love you muchos, Amigo #Happy Birthday

‘True Freedom’, they said.


You’d have us believe that freedom is when you are American, but we know better.




You posit to us that true freedom is the First Amendment – or the Fifth,

But we know better.


You tell us that freedom is when we can dress naked

But we know better.

You constantly try to convince us that freedom should have no limits

But we know better.


This is what we know…

WE KNOW that in true freedom lies responsibility

We know that true freedom is not throwing all caution to the wind

– at least, not in our society because innocent people could get hurt.

We know better – what is good for our OWN society. So, don’t TELL us.

Take Your Eyes Off The Red Lipstick, You Distracted Christian!


White powder.
This is holiness.

Big, round, circle earrings.
Red lipstick.
Of the devil.

You must be joking.
Go over the premises of your salvation again,
Do you think any of these things listed above is the ‘koko‘ (basis) of your salvation?

The basis is that Jesus died for you
and you believed.
That will be the only reason you’ll enter heaven.
Stop getting distracted
God has bigger fish for you to fry.

Get past this ‘salvation of THINGS’
And realize the hope of His calling.

Be Your Own Feminist!

Today I saw a female bus conductor.
You can be one too,
You know?

You can be one.
Why Not?

Sure you might get odd stares,
And be the subject of the estate’s gossip,
But still,
Why Not?

You’re a woman, yes.
They will cheat you, you say
They are discriminatory, you state
Well, what did you think?
That life would just hand it to you??

Go out there
And grab the bull by the horns
Wait. No. De-horn it!
…Who are you not to be?

So, my sister,
Don’t wait for life’s permission
If God be for you,
And you know what you are gunning for,
Nothing dey shele.

A Night Through the Eyes of a Lagos Employee

Just one trial will convince you, popular adverts always say.

Well, the same applies here. Just one night of jumping buses and over culverts will convince you that a Lagos employee is a survivor.

I am one, and in case you don’t know how a Lagos employee journeys back home, keep reading, you’re in the right place! 😁

As soon as we can leave the office, we do. We try to get every deliverable for that day done so the boss has no excuse to make us stay late. 😊 But this, of course, cannot happen everyday. I wish it did.

On those late nights at work, we prepare our mind knowing that we’ll be caught in the ‘Legendary Lagos Traffic’ (LLF). For someone like me, I barely notice the traffic as I’m either sleeping (Honestly) or eating street food like boli, akara, etc.

A real Lagos employee knows how to enjoy his/ her street food.

When we arrive at our bus stop, we are faced with the most thrilling and scariest moment of the journey – crossing busy roads. If we’re being honest, some pedestrian bridges are so off-route to where we’re going that it takes triple of the normal time to get to our destination, if we use them.

So, we cross the roads. Oshodi. Iyana-Ipaja. Very busy roads. We wait until there’s a somewhat standstill and then cut across the middle of cars. While doing this, smartness must be your middle name, if not…

I remember telling my colleague after one night’s road-crossing (it was probably due to the adrenalin rush of that moment). ‘If you can survive in Lagos, you can survive anywhere’. Do you think there’s a truth to this statement? Do share with me in the comment box. 😁

Also, once in a while, as you journey home, you could stumble on a fight, most likely between road drivers, police and agberos(street guys), etc. When you encounter such, a little peeking is okay but don’t get so engrossed in it and wait so long that your bag gets emptied by another ‘innocent fight watcher’. Seriously, it happens.

Finally, as the typical Lagos employee nears home, she thanks God the day is finally over and envisions her bed waiting for her.

Hope you enjoyed this true life rendition of my night journeys home as a Lagos employee? Is there something I didn’t add? Or your own work experiences? Do share in the comment box. 😁

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A Poem To Chase away those Monday Blues…


A Monday is a starched white shirt.

A Monday is an earlier-than-normal 6:00am alarm

A Monday is a toast and jam day

A Monday is a ‘ginger’ day

A Monday is a favourite playlist day, so you don’t get cranky

Finally, a Monday is another to remember that God loves you.