Part 2.0 – How To Write Engaging Social Media Posts Your Target Audience Can’t Scroll Past!

So,  based on logistics,  did you implement all I mentioned in the last post? 

If you did,  tell me in the comments  – how did it go?

If you didnt, go to the naughty corner. It’s right here.  (Go and read it again.)

So we continue. Driving engagement should be your second nature if you want to wield influence on social media platforms.

Apart from all I’ve shared and will share – you must learn to observe what works and doesn’t from the social sphere around you. 

Take for example,  Diary of a Naija Girl on Instagram.  I am learning how ask controversial questions from her. 😂

She tha queen.  See her IG wall and learn a thing or too if you don’t already follow. 


Incorporating people, their businesses and their causes in your posts go a  long way.

For example: Someone into the fashion designing business, can on social media, write how to spot quality fabrics in an educative post – and then drop a mention of her own fabric source. See? 

Sometimes,  iit can be a gratitude post like the one below. 

If you were one of the people mentioned, wouldn’t you drop a thankful comment under such a post?  Exactly.

10 tags or mentions. 10 comments. It’s simple math.

And also it’s paying it forward, especially when you are publicising other’s brands or businesses which aren’t in direct competition with you. 

People to tag

Your clients or customers –  old or new, people you’d like to network with or admire from afar already, friends and family,  and experts in your field.

Next – K. I. S. S – Richard Branson says it means ‘Keep It Simple,  Stupid’ and that sounded wrong. I googled the term and it really means this.  😑

But you aren’t stupid. You smart,  you loyal and you’re an awesome person. 😁

But here ‘s what that formula means – keep it simple and straightforward with your posts. 

The more easily your readers understand a post,  the more likely they are to engage and drop a comment or reshare.  (You don’t see me commenting on lawyer memes do you?  🙄 Why? I dont understand 😂)

No,  really. 

Avoid too long sentences which are tedious to read.

Use a lot of white spacing in your posts (for Instagram – there are ways to separate your points – with bullet points or other symbols or emojis. Look this up.)

Pursue a singular line of thought when writing. Don’t jump into another idea suddenly in the next line ot next paragraph without easing your readers into it. 

Lastly, read posts by people who write very simply and straighforward. Like Bankole Williams and Steve Harris

The more you read such,  the more you learn to write in such a manner. 

If need be, copy their post structure to suit yours till you learn how to do it on your own. 

Now,  after all is said and done,  if you DO NOT implement any of these strategies,  your engagement won’t increase. Simple. 


In case you don’t know me, my name is Demilade and teaching people the rudiments of #socialmedia is my mission.

I love to see people I teach make awesome impact for their businesses and personal brands through their social media platforms.

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How To Write Engaging Social Media Posts Your Target Audience Can’t Scroll Past

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