Your Business Needs Attractive Social Media Content? Try These.

Social media is one great tool you can use to expand the reach of your business and sell products steadily.

However, here are 3 things you must consider when creating social media content for your brand’s platforms.


Have a schedule for your social media content. Unless you are/have a social media manager who is a content machine, have a schedule of the type of content you wish to post at your selected times.

Write like you talk

Conversational writing is key in social media content. This might not be for all of your posts, but it is needful. Break down technical jargon for your audience.

Mind your tone

Your social media content expresses who you are, your brand image and personality.

Ever received an email that you felt was yelling at you? It was probably written in all CAPS with bold underlining and excessive use of exclamation marks.

One way to achieve the right tone is by asking someone else how the post you are about to put out sounds to them.

Use Imagery/Videos.

The place of pictures and videos in your social media content cannot be overemphasized. They attract attention that your text may not have been able to garner.

Even Instagram and Facebook’s algorithm favours videos more than others.

For example…

Answer questions

Open-ended questions are always an engagement generator. Plus, you get to covertly do a survey in a non-boring way, right here on social media! 😂

The more you put out social media content, the more you learn what works and what does not.

Practice creating brief content and also creating lengthy content.

Now, you know these 6. C’mon, go build some engagement!

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The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko: A Book Review by Charles Kadib.


Hardback edition

At the heart of every action we take in life, is the yearning to live forever. It is a feeling that is shared by every human and yet is the least expressed of our desires. It is this emotion that singularly drives the many adventures of The Invisible Life Of Isaac Isaenko; a story of many themes. It is the first book of – Scott Stambach – and it memoirs the life of -Ivan Isaenko,-an inpatient in the Mezzyrs Hospital of the gravely ill.

It is first a love story, in it we follow Ivan Isaenko a physically handicapped boy of seventeen who has spent his entire life in the Mazzyrs Hospital of the gravely ill. His life is lonely, consisting of furious and diversified reading of books provided by a kind and
motherly Nurse Natalya and engagement in every sort of prank or diversion he could find in other to escape the boredom of his life and the hideous malformed shape of his body. Read More