Not Toolz Oniru.


Tools. On the newly instituted #ToolsTuesday, I will be sharing the tools that have helped, aided and abetted my writing journey. So, hold tight and enjoy the ride…

Today, I’ll be sharing about POSTCRON. Its an automation tool that allows me share my writings or posts at different times without the repetitive and regular manual posting. I can even set up predefined times of posting for myself (although, I’m still understanding that feature). It also shortens your long blog and social media links just as would.

post 1

It also allows you to post manually from there just as you could do on Twitter or Facebook, but the thing here is that you don’t have to open those extra tabs to type it differently. All your added social media accounts are listed side-by-side and you can hop back and forth between them. All Postcron needs me to do is come up with my text content and images, key them in, choose my scheduled times, as shown in this step-by-step tutorial and voila! Posted.

It also has 4 plans: Free, Professional, Business, Agency and Mega – their details are here.

P.S The desktop application is near perfect, but the mobile app is error-filled. SO, use the desktop app.

And that’s all for #ToolTuesday! Enjoy!