#ArtistSpotlight: GAMiE is the Soulful Rapper and Spoken Word Performer You Want To Meet


The hip-hop genre of music is a rather fascinating blend of poetic prowess and rhythmical magic, and Gamie absolutely has both ends covered. His lyrics are a deep and unapologetic declaration of his faith.

This gifted gospel hip-hop artiste has two recorded albums to his name; Beyond Words and T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy), both released in 2015.

He is also the creative mind behind the Random Rap Hip-hop Project, a platform for diverse vibrant expressions of music.

Here’s a quick peep into Gamie’s music journey as he shares about his passion for his craft;

  1. Kindly talk briefly about yourself and your personal journey so far.

My name is Olumide Okesanjo, also called GAMiE. I’m a Multifaceted Artiste; Rapper, Singer and Poet, Actor, Music Producer and Creative director. I had my higher education at Lagos State University where I studied Computer Science. From being a 4th child in a family of 6, to being raised in a Christian home by a loving mother who did all she could to provide when my father passed, I think my life was a little tough but interesting.

My journey into music began over a decade ago, right after secondary school, while awaiting admission into the university. It was a very difficult time for me.

Before then I never knew I was talented or interested in music; I simply stumbled into it.

I always loved to drum while growing up, and the best moments we shared as a family were the times we sang praise and worship songs for hours.

Singing and dancing was kinda like our thing so we made it an everyday affair. I didn’t know God was working behind the scenes, moulding and building me into who I am today.


2. Why did you choose music, particularly rap/hip-hop, and what 3 things continue to inspire your work?

I got serious with music in the university. It had become a passion I couldn’t ignore anymore. Before then I had joined a local church where I sang in the choir, and learned to play the drums properly.

I later started a music group (Peculiar Treasure) with friends. We were Boys2Men wannabes. We wrote songs together, rehearsed together and that’s how I encountered rap for the first time. A friend in the group wrote a rap verse and decided to teach us. I fell in love with it immediately. It was love at first sight.

It didn’t take long to decide that rap would be my main form of expression. Other expressions came later as I grew and evolved.

These 3 words inspire me… Live. Love. Inspire.

It’s my creative vision embedded at the core of everything I do. God is life, God is love and God is the source of my inspiration.

3. Do you ever go blank on lyrics or beats, and how do you get your creative juices flowing again?

Yes! Oh yes! Happens to the best of us. I’m no exception, it’s a part of the process. We all need to break off and get some air from time to time. Just be sure it’s not laziness that hindering your creative juice from flowing… Lol

There are several ways to get over it. Find the triggers, identify them, and use them whenever you need to. This you can do by surrounding yourself with things you love. Listen to your favourite music or watch a good movie.

Be open minded, observe and let life in. Allow any and everything to inspire you, yet be selective and know your boundaries.

Study, pray and meditate. Creating involves a lot of thinking so use that imaginative mind and stir clear of limitations.


4. How do you want your work to be interpreted by others? 

True, thoughtful, heartfelt, inspiring, rich, and deep.

5. Name one thing you would do right now if you had absolutely all the resources to do it.

I would build a school for creative people… a haven for creative expression. A centre that gives 100% time, tools and resources to talented people to help them achieve their dreams, while imbibing core values in them.

6. Between the songs “God over everything” and “Good”, we hear different angles to your style. If I were a first-time listener, which one of all your songs would you say best represents your actual music style? And why?

Although they all are my expressions, the kind of music that accurately captures my essence would be Hip-Hop/Rap with a blend of Soul/Jazz/RnB.

The calmness, and soothing feel that goes with it gets me. It’s timeless.


  • Many would say that the hip-hop genre has not gained as much acceptance or recognition in the Nigerian industry. What’s your take on that, and what strategies would you suggest to improve that situation?

Oh well, I’m out here making great, timeless music. I believe that art, if excellently crafted, packaged and delivered will speak for itself. Especially if it’s true. Only then will it stay with the audience forever.

How’s that for a strategy?!


We certainly hope the world gets to truly fall in love with the timeless art Gamie continues to spiritedly create.


One comment

  1. Tkellz · May 31, 2018

    Wow….. I’m blessed. Soonest CHH would be heard all over. Don’t loose your head soldier

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