Being CEO is Bae – Until You Realise Your Social Media Page Must Look The Part. 

Welcome to Social Media for Business Owners 101. I have an unconsciously grown love for Kwese TV.  Note,  I have never used their decoder or paytv offering. But if it comes down to choosing between Kwese and another…they have a really good fighting chance.

Not because someone referred them. No.  But because of its owner – Strive Masiyiwa.

I mean,  have you ever read one of his Facebook posts?  Chai.  I was blown away by his honesty, rich experience and knowledge in his posts,  so much that I bought into his brand. Imagine!

Does that make me an uneducated buyer? No. It simply makes me a buyer. Simple.

Strive Masiyiwa, founder and chairman of Econet Wireless Global Ltd.,


This post is for y’all – the reclusive or offline business owners. Read on.

What would you do if you realised that many who patronise a business, first, of all check out who the founder of that business is?

Would you beef up your page content? You would? Amazing.

Afua Osei and Yasmin Belo-Osagie of She Leads Africa.

Well that’s the God-truth. Customers do take a look at you many times before putting their hard earned money into your business offerings.

Read this excerpt from ‘How the World’s Top CEOs Use Social Media’ on

According to new research from and Domo, 60 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever. found the result incongruous with best practices. As the company writes in the report, “Social media… has a major impact on brand reputation. A CEO can either participate in the discussion and influence it, or risk the implications of allowing his or her corporate image to be decided in the court of public opinion.”

It’s worth noting, however, that social media thought leadership tends to have more of an impact in certain industries.

So,  a business owner does have a role to play in lending a human or personal touch to the brand. We trust your brand much more when we can get a feel of you – the human of the business, and other humans connected to the business too.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon

One statement many tell me in response to this is:

‘But social media can be done without though, right?’

Here’s my answer: Why do without something that can definitely expand the reach of your brand and create more impact for it?

If your response to my call to utilize social media effectively is ‘What if it doesn’t work?’ then you haven’t done your research.

It does. Jeff Bezos. Afua Osei. Strive Masiyiwa. Mark Essien. These are just a handful of business owners doing social media right with attendant benefits for their personal brand and the business.

Some of them even used social media to catapult their businesses onto the global scale.

See, I understand your fears. The same article on by Dillion Baker sums it up.

…some CEOs are still hesitant to get on board is because it’s hard to “capture and understand the ROI from digital marketing and social media activity.” That’s an industry-wide problem, and it likely won’t go away anytime soon.

That said, it would be unwise for company leadership to ignore social. While influence is hard to measure, social gives executives a unique opportunity to join and shape public conversation.

Mark Essien of


Thinking of it that way,  you see that being a face for your brand is not to be ignored. Take a lesson from the successfuls who are now channeling that into the digital sphere. Amplifying their victories and winning more buyers’ hearts.


First read here on how to create posts that people connect and engage with. It has a Part 2 as well. Very crucial.

Then, 5 tips I will share with you as you decide to start this journey:

  • Decide on what your social media identity will exude. Who you will be. What you will communicate. Define it.
  • Get organised. Get together with a social media strategist (like me) and create content schedules and a strategy for your platforms going forward. Spontaneous posts are great, but should not become the norm.
  • Be authentic. Be original. You might have to use one singular account to show the different sides to you, to achieve this.
  • Be consistent. Don’t be that business owner on social media who we see once every 5 months. Take advantage of scheduling and automation tools such as Postcron, Buffer and Hootsuite that can run your posts even when you are not there.
  • GET HELP. I already said this, but its worth repeating. You need to have a well-informed strategy before starting. so you don’t stop often – like a faulty car.

Now, go and be all shades of awesome on social media, dear business owner!

Have any questions? Drop them in the comments or send a mail to and I’ll be on the other end waiting to reply!

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  1. tomilala · Jul 24, 2018

    Spot on Demilade

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