I once read on a post that writing is something we do with the left side of our brain, while editing is logical and systematic, so is done by the right side of the brain (I’m not one to accept unchecked facts so easily). Immediately, my mind totally agreed with this fact.


I have been on the receiving end of many write-ups, whose writers wrote with passion. One thing though. That passion was full of grammatical blunders, unchecked facts and over-complex sentences.


Write first. Edit later. My personal mantra.

There was a reason I once wrote this article on how your writing is never ‘shit’ ( ), but dear writer, don’t send editors in the opposite direction because you are feeling too passionate to crosscheck the work you have written. Let them not swear for you over your manuscript o! LOL.

But really, learn to edit, dear writer. After that creative writing, take a break, then come back to look at it with a fresh eye. What you will find may surprise you.

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