Starting a business isn’t easy.

That’s one thing I learnt at work today. Most times, we start our businesses with dreamy eyes and butterflies in our stomachs, but believe me you- the middle of the journey is always tough. Take note entrepreneurs. ..Startup isn’t just a buzz word, it is hard work, sleepless nights and red eyes.

My boss is a startup maestro. He has about 3 startups I know of. And they are all quite promising. But despite this, I still see him battle with different issues every entrepreneur faces; employee management, communication of company vision with employees, pioneer staff issues, and many more.

At the office today, deadlines are moving closer, clients are reviewing their choice of ad agencies and the ad jobs have to get out quicker. This creative, that ad, this content, ewoooo.

There is an almost physical tension at the office because you really can’t afford to not do your job well at this point.

I try not to be too disconcerted about the atmosphere. I’m kuku a quiet person already (most times, that is 😉). Mine is to encourage myself and others, speak words of life and love into the atmosphere and FOCUS ON MY WORK. Yes, that work that I’m being paid for.

Things that can happen if you don’t focus on your work, such as:
You will be tagged as a lazy bone.
You might become the reason other people get shouted at.
You’ll lose out on more practical experience that you could have gained while working.
You could get the brown envelope. Sacked. Just like that.

Lesson for today: Mind your business while at work but be concerned about colleagues’ welfare. Balance. #DemiWorkDiaries

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  1. Mrs Babs · Dec 25, 2016

    Startups are not easy at all, definitely not for the faint-hearted but well worth it in the end. I’m learning from your work diaries too!

    • demilhadey · Dec 26, 2016

      😀 Very true!! We shouldnt give up on our startup dreams just because it will be tough. I’m pleased to hear that you are. 🙂

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