Do you sometimes feel caught in between feeling you haven’t done enough and wanting to do better?

Well, that was my mood this morning after I got to work and started scrolling through some awesome entrepreneurs’ websites (people that have succeeded at what I’m aiming to do). After browsing a bit, I stumbled on a ‘goals’ article. Sigh. Suddenly I felt like what I had done throughout the year (this was my national youth service year also) was inadequate.

These people seemed to have it all planned out and their presentation was just too good. Even I wanted to buy something from them!

But right now, I’m having a re-think. ‘How long have these people been working at their dreams before now?’ I asked myself. The truth is, we won’t readily see the scars and messes that stars have made before they became who they are now. I’ll definitely get there. And even surpass. As long as I always keep moving and trusting God for direction.

These are just my musings this morning o. What are your musing this morning? Tell me in the comment box below. Do follow this blog if you’re on wordpress to get

*This was for yesterday. WordPress didnt feel like posting the scheduled article.

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