I refused to wake up this morning.

Not that I died o. But 6 am felt too soon for me today. Fast forward to ‘to 7’, my dad shouted at me to wake up. Thank God. If not for him….

So, I was able to get a free ride with my dad this morning. Bless his heart, he was going my way. :’) I got to the office later than usual today  (9-ish) with my regular, already-packed lunch in hand, of course. I greet everyone I see as I walk towards the inner office, with a slight nod of the head. I wonder if they would think it strange that I don’t say ‘hi’ or ‘whatsup?’. Please o, I am a thick Yoruba girl, I can’t help greeting respectfully.

I get into the office and get settled into my space. I came prepared for the AC today with my extra-long blazer, let’s see how they’ll freeze me now…

Some hours later. I’m cold again. Chai. I go to my regular chair just outside the office where I sit with my laptop and enjoy the ‘heat’. Ahhhhh.

Back to work. I have to come up with content for my ad agency’s social media accounts now. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it looks to manage that kind of account. Unlike mine where I can post bad stuff and get away with it, if I create bad content for the ad agency’s social media, it could lead to bad publicity and reputation or just pure apathy by the public. Tufia. Research, research, research.

I’m tired of browsing abeg. It’s in this office that I realized that one can be tired of browsing the net. Seriously. I’m not the Youtube kind-of girl, so be rest assured that my bandwidth is safe.

Note: Be careful what you use your office internet for. Someone is watching. Your internet man. Upstairs.

So, later on, my boss asked us to wrap up some Christmas gifts for our clients (those companies or people that pay us to do advertising for them). I wish I got one. L It was fun wrapping them though. Yes, wrapping can be fun.

Today was okay. I give it a 7. We’ll see about tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll let you guys in on a little secret about being the favourite employee at your workplace.

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