Today is special. Dear to my heart…

It’s the week before Christmas!!!

I am overjoyed, mostly when I think about all the ‘peperempe’ foods I’ll be eating. I’m 88% sure you feel the same way too (wink). But on a more serious note, Christmas is really not about the food. For me, it’s a time to remember the best gift to this dark world- Jesu Christos (Jesus Christ). So, in between that chocolate fruitcake and tasty jollof rice, remember to tell somebody about Jesus, okay?

Back to work stories. Today is a good day. I made it to work in record time – 8:20am. Preparing lunch the day before is just it. It’s a major secret to my coming early to work and spending less. However, I couldn’t eat a hefty breakfast. Which means I still have to buy something. Aaargh. *Counts remaining naira bills*

Note: When you start working, prepare your own lunch (and if possible, breakfast) from home to avoid spending money like Davido.

On my way here, though, the driver of the bus I came in was almost arrested by LASTMA for not having a ‘route number’. I still don’t know whether to say ‘Thank God it was settled’, because that ‘settling’ involved some underhanded lobbying. Anyways, I’m the second to get to the office, after one of the graphic designers. (I work at an ad agency, in case you don’t know.) He seems to be getting in the Christmas mood…LOL. Probably came in early to finish every possible work so that the Christmas weekend is very free. Izz well. Meanwhile, I’m using this free time before ‘crazy hour here to write this entry. I can’t wait to see what will happen during the crazy hours in this office. It’s an ad agency afterall, something must happen 😀

3:40pm- Crazy hour didnt come afterall. Everyone: is just in their corners minding their own business. Hmmm. I smell a fish. Anyways, today, I created two social media content calendars* for two ‘red’ companies. You needed to see how I scavenged the internet for a unique ‘WCW’ and ‘MCM’, phew! With all the cooking tips i’ve researched out for these calendars, I’m sure I can compete with chef Fregz!

One outstanding thing from today, however, is the cool indoor weather. 😦 Too much AC. Unfortunately for my cold hands and feet, my office mates are from Antarctica. So, i have to go on periodic breaks outdoors.

Note: If you are not the AC-loving type and your office colleagues are, PLEASE, have a warm jacket within your reach always. You could also try taking short walks down the stairs to warm up. And extra tip from the world wide web: Wash your hands with soap and water periodically to allow warmth seep into those ‘workie’ bones.

That’s all for today. Ad agency sturvs continue tomorrow

Hint: I’ll tell you about some awesome internet privileges I have!!!


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