“Good afternoon to you, its good to be aliiiiive, good afternoon to yoooou on 100.5  demilhadey.wordpress.coooooom”.

Good afternoon readers. This is Demilade (Obviously! ) and this is one of the few times i will not be speaking in third person. I haff a small gist for you.

Come. Come, now. Oya, bring your ear…

‘I’m starting a writing series on my everyday worklife in an ad agency at Ikeja, Lagos’. You reply with annoyance, ‘And why would i read that??’

Well, you should read if :

1. You’re not yet employed. Maybe you haven’t gotten a job yet or found the job of your dreams. Well, this is an opportunity for you to see what the 9 to 5 is about. You will pick up a few things here, I assure you.

2. You have no idea what the advertising world is about. Like ‘what, in God’s name are copies?’ I work in a 21st century ad agency, so this writing series would help you a lot-ly.

3. Lastly, you just want a good laugh. And a good story. You wee find both here, believe meeee *swings pendulum from left to right slowly* .

So, from Monday next week, the #DemiWorkDiaries will begin. I look forward to it, do you? Tell me in the comments section below.

P.S Also tell me what you’d love to see in my #DemiWorkDiaries posts that will start next week.


  1. Big Mummy · Dec 16, 2016

    Looking forward to interesting gist.

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