Stay-at-Home Graduate

Its hard.
You might not know how hard
Until you’re through with school
And there’s no job for you.

Chores abound,
‘Because you’re at home anyways’, Mum says.
They don’t seem to care anymore
Frustration is an understatement of how you feel.

Ping! Buzz! Beep!
You turn to social media for solace.
You rant all day
You rave all night
But still, something’s missing…
A job maybe?

A LinkedIn notification.
Your classmate is now working in Shell.
Oh, Great.
Meanwhile, you’re here
At home.

C’mon stop that sulking!
Get off that couch, my frenn!
Don’t follow the headless crowd
Do you really need a job?

Or you need to create one?


  1. Andybarry · Dec 10, 2016

    Nice piece, keep it up

  2. Tope Orire · Dec 10, 2016

    As in ehn, staying at home actually has both good and bad. You can either just complain about no jobs and therefore relax at home or better still, think of something creative to do and start it up thereby creating opportunities for yourself and others. The choice is ours.

  3. victor · Dec 10, 2016

    Make sense!!!

  4. victor · Dec 10, 2016

    Make brain!!!

    • Nathaniel · Dec 11, 2016

      Great Work

      • demilhadey · Dec 16, 2016

        Thank you, nathaniel.

  5. Olaomoju Michael · Dec 11, 2016

    It’s Demilade, God help us all

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